Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentines Day 2009 Save Big

We all have the company we believe in and are working to build right? I am sure for 95% of those who look at this post, this is the case. I ask you to take 2 minutes and check out Aisle19.

Why? Because you can save $$$ on every purchase you make. You earn cash back on every purchase. You don't have to buy things you don't want to buy, you simply need to change the way you buy. By shopping online through Aisle19 - and the 600 plus stores we have you earn cash back. Many of the top retailers are offered.

I went onto Aisle19 this morning went to the Best Buy store and just ordered up a Ipod Touch, and digital camera, memory card and a couple video games. When they open this morning I will drive down walk in and they will have everything waiting for me. My point is that several of the stores offer a service where you can shop online and then pick up at your local store. If you don't need the items right away they will ship the product right to your door step and many times for free.

Our saying is "Stop standing in line and start shopping on-line!"

How much does Aisle19 cost you to sign up, look around and see if we have the stores you shop at on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? It's free. If you want to take a look around it cost you nothing and even if you only make 1 or 2 purchases a month you will save money every time you shop at Aisle19. More and more people are shopping on line every day. While in store retail sales are slumping, on line sales are still growing. More people every day realize it is safe and easier than ever to get their shopping done on line.

Simply visit website #2 in my profile to get more info or to sign up for free.

Get Free Online Shopping Mall Now

Now what's in it for me since you get a free Aisle19 site? Each time someone shops through their Aisle19 site I earn a percentage back on what you buy as well. Therefore you save with cash back on every purchase and I earn income as well. Win - Win.

Escape International is the parent company of Aisle19 and I earn money by introducing people to Aisle19 and getting them to start using Aisle19 for their shopping needs.

The best part about Escape International is the fact that it cost you $0 to join Escape as well and if you decide you want to introduce others to Aisle19 you can start earning by introducing others.

Why is Escape setting records every week? It is very simple right now. The economic condition we are currently in leave many people with less money in their pocket. Many people without jobs. Many people looking for ways to earn additional income.

So whether someone simply wants to earn cash back on things they already plan on purchasing or someone needs to earn additional income we have a "free" and simple way for them to do this.

You can argue the pro's and con's of a "free" business opportunity but all I can say is I have been in this industry for several years and this is the first "free" opportunity I have been involved with and I am making more money with this "free" opportunity than any of the other business opportunities I have had to pay for. Nothing against those because I still make residual off them but Escape and Aisle19 is the real deal and the timing couldn't be better.

Economic times are tough for many but we have a solution in more ways than one.

Are you happy with your current opportunity. Great just visit Aisle19 website#2 in profile for your free Aisle19 site and earn cash back on all purchases.

Are you looking for a business opportunity? Escape International is free to join so you have nothing to lose. Become Business Member Now

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