Monday, January 26, 2009

Save Money & Make Money Shopping Online

Aisle 19 savings just continues to be explosive! It's free to join. No spamming

no worries, no nothing. All your savings are calculated for you so that you don't

have to do the work. You just continue to shop as you normally do and get paid

for it. And what's even better is if you have one of those credit/debit cards that pay

you a percentage for your purchases, this way you can earn double or maybe even triple

cash back.

For all of you Valentines Day people, this truly is the best way to save money!

There is a store where you can actually buy giftcards and earn cashback.

I'm talking about restaurants like Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks,

TGI Friday's, Red Lobster and many more!

Now let's say you purchased a Starbucks giftcard with your Visa/MC that has a purchase

incentive plan then used that Starbucks giftcard at the Starbucks store in Aisle 19,

not only would you have received a cash back for purchasing the giftcard, but you

would also receive cash back for the purchases that you made at the online Starbucks

store using the Aisle 19 portal plus you'd receive an incentive from your credit card

company because of the online purchases you made. Powerful!

I passed by Walmart yesterday and decided to go in to buy a candy bar and newspaper.

I saw this woman buying this huge LCD flatscreen tv. As I walked out, I said to myself

if she only knew. She could have ordered that tv got cash back and picked that tv up

at the Walmart register if she didn't want it delivered. And who knows, there could have been a

special Aisle 19 free shipping coupon. Not using Aisle 19 cost her money! Not knowing

cost her money!

If you haven't become a customer of Aisle 19, what are you waiting on!

It's free. There's no spamming. No credit card information is kept by Aisle 19.

You still shop on the same website you trust and love, but you use the Aisle 19

portal in order to get there. It's simple. Get signed up and see what you're missing.

Click here to sign up

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It's totally free. Watch the video and learn more.

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