Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Save Money Valentines Day On Jewelry, Flowers, Trips & More

The deals on Aisle 19, just keep coming! Ladies, I found a store on Aisle 19 that is offering
jeans for less than $10, Khakis for under $11 and more for up to 90% off. There is also a
Aisle 19 exclusive coupon offer that gives you $10 off when you spend over $40 + free shipping on orders over $40. In additional to all this, you get cash back for purchasing your order via the
Aisle 19 savings portal. Awesome!

For Valentines Day, I found some awesome deals for you guys and girls out there:

1. Sweet Deals for Valentines Day: Save up to 30% on Hotels in San Francisco. Book by 2/14.
Also check out NewOrleans, San Francisco, Washington DC & Chicago for Sweetheart Deals

2. Send 12 Assorted roses, Get 12 FREE plus FREE chocolates, 29.99! Expires 01-31-09
Free vase also included on orders over $19.99

3. ??? Jewelers is offering a coupon for $50 Off Purchases of $200 or More -- now through
Valentine's Day. Coupon Code: ???. Valid on regular and sale priced items through
February 14, 2009.

The coupon codes for these stores and names cannot be published. Many of these deals
are only exclusive to Aisle 19.

To open your free Aisle 19 account: Click Here

**Note: There is no spamming, no sharing of information or storing of credit card information
by Aisle 19.

Questions: Call Mr. Wilson @ 314-757-4063

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make Money Buying Your Next Cell Phone On Aisle 19

My brother and I was talking yesterday about one of the special incentive stores on Aisle 19. You actually have to be a member of Aisle 19 to use this store. Well one of the things that we were looking at were cell phones.

This special incentive store actually has specially negotiated deals with all the major cell phone carriers: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, At&T, Alltel

Last week, I bought my wife the Samsung Rant from Sprint. Using Aisle 19, not only can you get the phone for free, but you'll also get a $50 rebate for getting the phone. If you don't know anything about phones. The Rant is one of the most popular phones out today. You can't walk into a Sprint store or go to Sprint online and get this deal. How do I know? I checked! On her phone my wife has gps, email, internet, voicemail, three way calling, a camera, a video camera, text and she even has cable tv on her phone which is called "Sprint TV." She can watch music videos, cartoons, all types of shows and tons more. I saw her yesterday watching an old Dave Chapelle Show because she's got comedy central on her phone.

There are tons of cell phones like this with incredible deals! But again, you've got to have an Aisle 19 account. Sign up!

On my last post, the same day I went into Walmart was the same day I went to Circuit City which you know are closing all their stores in the U.S except for Canada. I saw all these
people standing around the Verizon booth purchasing phones. The same phones that they were charging $50 or more, those people could have gone to Aisle 19 purchased the phones for free, got paid $50 for buying the phone and got free overnight shipping!

Now you tell me, what's the better deal!

People often ask, well how does Aisle 19 get these great deals? Easy! Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Ebay and over 600 stores (soon to be over 1,000 brick & mortal and online only stores) pay Aisle 19 to attract customer to their sites. In return Aisle 19 gives the customers generous cash back returns to go to the same stores they already shop at via the Aisle 19 portal.

Here is a great Valentines Day deal that I just saw today:

Assorted Valentine's Delight!

Send 12 Assorted roses, Get 12 FREE plus FREE chocolates, 29.99! Expires 01-31-09

Guess what? I'm ordering these flowers right now and in addition to getting this great online deal, I'll get cash back.

Sign up!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Save Money & Make Money Shopping Online

Aisle 19 savings just continues to be explosive! It's free to join. No spamming

no worries, no nothing. All your savings are calculated for you so that you don't

have to do the work. You just continue to shop as you normally do and get paid

for it. And what's even better is if you have one of those credit/debit cards that pay

you a percentage for your purchases, this way you can earn double or maybe even triple

cash back.

For all of you Valentines Day people, this truly is the best way to save money!

There is a store where you can actually buy giftcards and earn cashback.

I'm talking about restaurants like Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks,

TGI Friday's, Red Lobster and many more!

Now let's say you purchased a Starbucks giftcard with your Visa/MC that has a purchase

incentive plan then used that Starbucks giftcard at the Starbucks store in Aisle 19,

not only would you have received a cash back for purchasing the giftcard, but you

would also receive cash back for the purchases that you made at the online Starbucks

store using the Aisle 19 portal plus you'd receive an incentive from your credit card

company because of the online purchases you made. Powerful!

I passed by Walmart yesterday and decided to go in to buy a candy bar and newspaper.

I saw this woman buying this huge LCD flatscreen tv. As I walked out, I said to myself

if she only knew. She could have ordered that tv got cash back and picked that tv up

at the Walmart register if she didn't want it delivered. And who knows, there could have been a

special Aisle 19 free shipping coupon. Not using Aisle 19 cost her money! Not knowing

cost her money!

If you haven't become a customer of Aisle 19, what are you waiting on!

It's free. There's no spamming. No credit card information is kept by Aisle 19.

You still shop on the same website you trust and love, but you use the Aisle 19

portal in order to get there. It's simple. Get signed up and see what you're missing.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentines Day 2009 Save Big

We all have the company we believe in and are working to build right? I am sure for 95% of those who look at this post, this is the case. I ask you to take 2 minutes and check out Aisle19.

Why? Because you can save $$$ on every purchase you make. You earn cash back on every purchase. You don't have to buy things you don't want to buy, you simply need to change the way you buy. By shopping online through Aisle19 - and the 600 plus stores we have you earn cash back. Many of the top retailers are offered.

I went onto Aisle19 this morning went to the Best Buy store and just ordered up a Ipod Touch, and digital camera, memory card and a couple video games. When they open this morning I will drive down walk in and they will have everything waiting for me. My point is that several of the stores offer a service where you can shop online and then pick up at your local store. If you don't need the items right away they will ship the product right to your door step and many times for free.

Our saying is "Stop standing in line and start shopping on-line!"

How much does Aisle19 cost you to sign up, look around and see if we have the stores you shop at on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? It's free. If you want to take a look around it cost you nothing and even if you only make 1 or 2 purchases a month you will save money every time you shop at Aisle19. More and more people are shopping on line every day. While in store retail sales are slumping, on line sales are still growing. More people every day realize it is safe and easier than ever to get their shopping done on line.

Simply visit website #2 in my profile to get more info or to sign up for free.

Get Free Online Shopping Mall Now

Now what's in it for me since you get a free Aisle19 site? Each time someone shops through their Aisle19 site I earn a percentage back on what you buy as well. Therefore you save with cash back on every purchase and I earn income as well. Win - Win.

Escape International is the parent company of Aisle19 and I earn money by introducing people to Aisle19 and getting them to start using Aisle19 for their shopping needs.

The best part about Escape International is the fact that it cost you $0 to join Escape as well and if you decide you want to introduce others to Aisle19 you can start earning by introducing others.

Why is Escape setting records every week? It is very simple right now. The economic condition we are currently in leave many people with less money in their pocket. Many people without jobs. Many people looking for ways to earn additional income.

So whether someone simply wants to earn cash back on things they already plan on purchasing or someone needs to earn additional income we have a "free" and simple way for them to do this.

You can argue the pro's and con's of a "free" business opportunity but all I can say is I have been in this industry for several years and this is the first "free" opportunity I have been involved with and I am making more money with this "free" opportunity than any of the other business opportunities I have had to pay for. Nothing against those because I still make residual off them but Escape and Aisle19 is the real deal and the timing couldn't be better.

Economic times are tough for many but we have a solution in more ways than one.

Are you happy with your current opportunity. Great just visit Aisle19 website#2 in profile for your free Aisle19 site and earn cash back on all purchases.

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