Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make Money Buying Your Next Cell Phone On Aisle 19

My brother and I was talking yesterday about one of the special incentive stores on Aisle 19. You actually have to be a member of Aisle 19 to use this store. Well one of the things that we were looking at were cell phones.

This special incentive store actually has specially negotiated deals with all the major cell phone carriers: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, At&T, Alltel

Last week, I bought my wife the Samsung Rant from Sprint. Using Aisle 19, not only can you get the phone for free, but you'll also get a $50 rebate for getting the phone. If you don't know anything about phones. The Rant is one of the most popular phones out today. You can't walk into a Sprint store or go to Sprint online and get this deal. How do I know? I checked! On her phone my wife has gps, email, internet, voicemail, three way calling, a camera, a video camera, text and she even has cable tv on her phone which is called "Sprint TV." She can watch music videos, cartoons, all types of shows and tons more. I saw her yesterday watching an old Dave Chapelle Show because she's got comedy central on her phone.

There are tons of cell phones like this with incredible deals! But again, you've got to have an Aisle 19 account. Sign up!

On my last post, the same day I went into Walmart was the same day I went to Circuit City which you know are closing all their stores in the U.S except for Canada. I saw all these
people standing around the Verizon booth purchasing phones. The same phones that they were charging $50 or more, those people could have gone to Aisle 19 purchased the phones for free, got paid $50 for buying the phone and got free overnight shipping!

Now you tell me, what's the better deal!

People often ask, well how does Aisle 19 get these great deals? Easy! Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Ebay and over 600 stores (soon to be over 1,000 brick & mortal and online only stores) pay Aisle 19 to attract customer to their sites. In return Aisle 19 gives the customers generous cash back returns to go to the same stores they already shop at via the Aisle 19 portal.

Here is a great Valentines Day deal that I just saw today:

Assorted Valentine's Delight!

Send 12 Assorted roses, Get 12 FREE plus FREE chocolates, 29.99! Expires 01-31-09

Guess what? I'm ordering these flowers right now and in addition to getting this great online deal, I'll get cash back.

Sign up!

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