Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Was A Blast

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Valentines Day was a perfect day for me. I made
the 3 most important women in my life happy:
my wife, my mom and my grandmother. On
Friday, I received a call from all three of them.
It was great. My wife was so excited. Her
other girl friends were shocked. One of her
friends said, "I've been married for over 30 years
and my husband has never sent me flowers."
When my wife told me this, I said because
he doesn't know about "Aisle 19." We
all want to do awesome things for our loved
ones, but when you get a great deal plus
cash back, it just makes it so much easier.
Afterwards, my mom called me. She was so
excited. It seemed like she'd never been
that excited before. She said, "The flowers
are so beautiful." She couldn't even
express how she felt, because she was
so excited. It made me happy to see her
so happy. What more could a son ask for.
Next my grandmother called. It's always
great to hear from her. She's over 80 years
old and she told me, "You really beat them
all this year." She was very happy. Guess
what? Not only did I send them flowers
using my Aisle 19 account, but I also
sent them cards that I personalized online.

Some of you guys reading this might think it's
a hoax and that there is no way possible that
you can do all this and get cash back. Sorry.
I'm not going to try to change your minds.
What I am going to do is focus on those that
really want a great deal with no strings attached.

You don't have to join the company. You won't
be spammed. Your personal information will
not be sold. Your credit/debit card information
is not in jeopardy because we don't store it.
You do business with the same sites that you
normally do business with. The only difference
is that you're using our portal to get you there.

How do I join? You have to be invited. I'm
inviting you now. Click on the link below.

It will take to my aisle 19 webpage. At the
top of the webpage you'll see "join now" and
that's were you want to go.

I'm ready to save!

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