Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aisle 19 + Valentines Day = Great Value

Everyone I am truly excited daily about having my Aisle 19 account. Last night at about 10:30 p.m, I went shopping online for all of our additional household needs and didn't have to step foot into a drug store or department store. I sat in front of the television watching, "Poltergeist" in my comfy chair while shopping for all our needs.

What I continue to love is that I get great deals online, exclusive coupon codes and cashback. What's great about the store I ordered from is that not only did I get coupon offers for many of my purchases, but I got free shipping, instore credit for the purchases that I made plus cashback from Aisle 19. Yes! It's true.

Today, I ordered Valentine Day cards for all my loved ones. It was great! I designed the cards, had the company send the cards, got an exclusive discount coupon code through Aisle 19 to purchase the cards and finally cashback for my purchases.

Every year, I run to the grocery store on Valentines Day morning to purchase cards and flowers. And I find the same things: a ton of men rushing to buy flowers and cards for their
loved ones. Well guess what? For the first time in several years, I won't be a part of the group.
I've got control over my time now. I'm sleeping in next Saturday morning.

I'm also going to purchase a gift card using the Aisle 19 portal to one of our favorite restaurants. What's really cool about this is that I'll earn cash back on that purchase and since I'm using my preferred airline debit card to purchase this, I'll get airline miles also. It just doesn't get any better.

I can't tell you all enough about the value of having and using the Aisle 19 portal. No one's trying to trick you. No one's trying to fool you. It's about giving you the tools to get the best deals out there.

Are you ready for change?

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